A Rich History

Thriving for generations

In perfect harmony with Clyde’s earliest pastoral beginnings in the 1830’s, the site where Eliston is to be built produces bountiful celery crops grown for over 50 years by 3 generations of the Schreurs family. This proud heritage of nourishment, that is imbedded in this ‘land of plenty’, is destined to continue as more and more families flourish at Eliston for generations to come.

A future inspired by the past

The vision for Eliston takes inspiration from its pastoral heritage and position amongst rolling hills and peaceful topography. Sitting proudly on the fields that have grown lush with celery, this rich diverse landscape draws reference to the elegant structure of crop rows and the romance of rural elements like timber, stone, flowered avenues and hedges. Each element will give the well connected neighbourhoods their own distinct personality.

Crop rows, Schreurs’ farm



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